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Murad warns federal investigation agencies

Murad warns federal investigation agencies


HYDERABAD: The Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that MPA Sharjeel Memon came back to Pakistan on Islamabad High Court's orders to appear before the court on March 20 and his arrest was quite surprising after the decision of Islamabad High Court. He was talking to the media at newly established 100 mega watt power plant at Nooriabad here on Sunday.

While replying a question he expressed his anger over the high handedness of federal investigation agencies and strictly warned them if this attitude would be continued with the people of Sindh Province, no one will be allowed to enter in Sindh for any type of investigation and we have no option left except to ask them to pack their "boria bister" from the Sindh.

On a query he pointed out that some white elephants are freely moving around the country and abroad despite the fact that they are most wanted in NAB corruption mega scandals but it is astonishing to note that the NAB is reluctant to nab them because of their own motive and it is an irony that they are not only national risk but also a threat to the government exchequer."

The PPP is continuously being targeted and is being pushing to the wall leaving no option behind to retaliate in the positive manner and this province will raise voice against the atrocities of federal government to remove the barriers led by the federal government to stop its pace of development in the province by giving one or the other pretext, he added while replying a question. He said that it is a history of PPP that it honoured judiciary decisions whether in the favour of PPP or not but we cant deny the fact that some big guns who attempt the sovereignty of Supreme Court are still holding the lucrative positions and they are not answerable to agencies and apex courts.

Replying a question he said that it is my humble advice to MQM Pakistan Chief Farooq Sattar to be a law abiding citizen and complete the process of investigation and comply the court's order. He proudly said that Sindh is the only province which has the honour to not only initiate a Public Private partnership but become a power producing province from their own resources despite the fact that number of hindrances was created to stop such efforts.

He said that had the federal government not played a negative role, this project was completed two years ago and also we will able to start at least 4 power projects which will benefit the Nooriaabad and Kotri Site area and also the people of the province. On a question about frequent visits of Prime Minister in Sindh he said that we are thankful to him that at last after 4 years ignorance now he realized the importance of Sindh province but it will be better if he announced those development projects which were presented to him for the Sindh province.

Replying a question he opined that the process of ongoing census is raising the question mark on its credibility and an image which is emerging that the data of census is kept in secrecy converted into a controversial issue and if this trend would be continued not only Sindh government but the people of Sindh will completely reject the result of census.

Earlier he was briefed by the Project Director of Nooriabad Power Plant Project of 100 mega watt, Khurshid Jamali about the salient features and work progress of the project.

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