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Nawaz has not been given clean chit, says Shujaat

Nawaz has not been given clean chit, says Shujaat


LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain said that Nawaz Sharif has lost the right of prime minister-ship after the verdict of the Supreme Court in Panama case.

“Nawaz has not been given clean chit, none out of five learned judges had not declared him as Sadiq & Ameen. Nawaz should better quit the office,” he said.

Talking to media, Shujaat Hussain said that two learned judges had disqualified the prime minister on not being “Sadiq & Ameen” while three other judges had also not disagree with their stance, silence is half endorsement, they talked about further investigation and not at all acquit the prime minister nor said that he (PM) is “Sadiq & Ameen”, in the light of present verdict the prime minister has no justification to remain in the office.

He said the decision of the two judges is the verdict of the whole Supreme Court and voice of the heart of the nation, two learned judges who have disqualified the prime minister are the future Chief Justices and we should not ignore this fact.

Shujaat Hussain further said that justice is not expected from joint investigation team which will be comprised of the institutions about whom the Supreme Court had been showing no trust during trial and questions were raised about whose performance, to meet the requirement of justice the prime minister should resign immediately.

He said the ministers had not read out the order but distributed sweets and chanted slogans. Nawaz Sharif has no justification to continue as the prime minister, if he has some consideration then he should resign forthwith and after resignation appear before JIT, he mentioned.

Shujaat Hussain further said that he would certainly like to talk about Imran Khan here whose continued efforts and struggle kept Panama case alive and the credit goes to him for this.

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