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Energy scenario — no solution in sight — II

The latest decision of winding up of Textile City near Port Qasim is a vivid example of shortsightedness (BR April 17) as such projects involving district energy are the only way to ensure high efficiency utilization of energy source but due to incompetent management, this essential project is now a total failure.

If we only adopt efficient energy utilization technologies, and district energy is certainly recognized as one of the most efficient options, we can at least start a process, which would lead to a solution. If our “high planners” are not aware of this efficient option, they should study the report issued by the European Commission in 2016, which highlights linking of thermal power generation to district energy covering availability of central heating and cooling in townships. Even now, it is not too late to ensure efficient utilization of our resources if we care. Thermal power plants typically convert only one-third energy to electrical and two-third energy is gone wasted generally by using our scarce water resources. If the planners could only ensure efficient utilization of this huge “waste heat” we would save a substantial amount of energy which presently uses for air-conditioning in summer and heating in the winter.

There is therefore a need to work towards efficient utilization of our energy resources; otherwise, we will have many years of both “electric load shedding” in summer and “gas shedding” in winter.

Do we really want a solution?

Karachi Ainul Abedin

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