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JI chief asks PM to resign for transparent probe

JI chief asks PM to resign for transparent probe


ISLAMABAD, April 20: Emir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq on Thursday asked Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, to step down to make way for a transparent probe by the joint investigation team (JIT) into the Panama Papers case.

Talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court after Panama Papers case verdict and later addressing a press conference, Siraj said that after the court judgment in the Panama Leaks case, the government had lost moral authority to rule the country and, therefore, the PM should tender his resignation.

He called upon PM Sharif to resign till completion of investigations against him so that he cannot influence the probe. “We had announced that our party would accept the Supreme Court’s verdict. But in my opinion, this case is not over yet. It has entered the next stage,” Siraj said.

“We started drive against corruption long before the revelation of Panama Leaks and JI has a track record of taking clear stance on corruption as in the past our five members lost their lives during a sit-in against corruption in 1996,” Siraj recalled.

The Prime Minister must leave his office as long as he doesn’t get a clean chit from the joint investigation team, he said, adding that he (PM) is morally bound not to use his powers till the completion of the probe.

The JI Emir was of the view that Prime Minister Sharif’s legal team had failed to satisfy the apex court about the source of income used to buy offshore properties. He termed the court verdict a victory of the masses and a defeat of corruption.

He said, “The JIT should independently interrogate the PM.” The JI emir also said those who are sitting in the caves are dangerous in the same way as those corrupt who are sitting in the Parliament.

The JI chief noted that two of the learned judges of the apex court bench hearing the case disqualified PM Nawaz Sharif while the other three ordered for investigations against the ruling family by constituting a JIT.

Siraj said the court verdict had given the masses great courage as the assets of the Prime Minister would be probed.

He reiterated his demand that all those who had invested their wealth in offshore companies or those whose names had appeared in the Panama Leaks should be brought to accountability.

He was sure that the nation would reap the fruit of the JI campaign against corruption. He said apart the Supreme Court, there is a court of the people and then there is a court of Allah Almighty and the rulers would have to face accountability.

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