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Musharraf asks PM to step down

Musharraf asks PM to step down

ISLAMABAD: Chairman, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Gen. retd Pervez Musharraf while commenting on the much awaited decision in Panama case has said that Mian Nawaz Sharif has lost his moral authority to remain as Prime Minister of Pakistan and he must step down.

Particularly when judges of the highest court of the country did not declare him ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Ameen, and expressed serious doubts about his financial matter.

Pervez Musharraf during a telephonic conversation with party leadership at APML central secretariat said that it is beyond his comprehension that for what PML-N workers had been distributing sweets when their leadership has been declared dishonest and non-trustworthy.

Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) were always formed to investigate the criminals. And two out of three judges in the bench observed that Nawaz Sharif is neither ‘Sadiq’ nor ‘Ameen’. Any person with integrity of character would resign from the office if such observations were passed against him.

Beside allegations of being dishonest and non-trustworthy, the three other judges have also passed sarcastic remarks about the proofs Nawaz Sharif submitted in his favor. This is not a matter of pride but something to be ashamed of. In this entire context, the celebration of PML-N is so weird an act that nobody could comprehend.

Nawaz Sharif has lost all his moral authority to remain at the highest office of executive and he should resign from the office immediately. Further, JIT investigations could never be impartial if Nawaz Sharif remains in chair and today’s judgment is a preamble to the final judgment that is yet to come.

Mr. Musharraf said that APML in its Central Executive Committee (CEC) would decide to join protest movements of other political parties demanding resignation from the Prime Minister.—NNI

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