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CPPA-G seeks reduction of Rs4.60 per unit in tariff

CPPA-G seeks reduction of Rs4.60 per unit in tariff

ISLAMABAD: Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guaranteed (CPPA-G) has sought cumulative reduction of Rs 4.60 per unit (Rs 2.398 per unit for February 2017 and Rs 2.2 per unit for March 2017) in tariff of Discos under monthly fuel price adjustment mechanism.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) will hold a public hearing on April 26, 2017 on the petition filed by the CCPA-G. The representatives of CPPA-G and National Power Control Centre (NPCC) will be available for questions that may be raised by the Authority members.

According to CPPA-G petition, total generation in February 2017 was 63,827 GWh, of which hydel generation was 1,493 GWh (23.4 percent of total generation), 23.4 percent of total generation, coal 4.62 GWh, HSD 5.95 GWh, RFO 1,677 GWh, gas, 1,797 GWh, RLNG, 537.8 GWh, nuclear 581 GWh, import from Iran 33.8 GWh, mixed 36.1 GWh, wind 81 GWh, baggasse 80.5 GWh, solar, 54 GWh.

Power sale to IPPs was 8.99 GWh whereas transmission losses were recorded at 150.6 GWh, total cost of which was Rs 131 million. The net delivered electricity in February 2017 was 6,223 GWh, cost of which has been calculated at Rs 30.260 billion.

In February, per unit cost of electricity generated on coal has been calculated at Rs 4.4998 per unit, HSD Rs 15 per unit, Rs 9.4365 per unit, gas 4.2345 per unit, RLNG Rs 7.5649 per unit, nuclear 1.1235 per unit, import Iran Rs 10.63 per unit, mixed, Rs 6.55 per unit, baggasse, Rs 4.26 per unit. The total per unit cost of electricity generated has been calculated at Rs 4.5761 per unit and after deduction of sale cost of power to IPPs and transmission losses, the total per unit cost was 4.8624 against reference fuel charges of Rs 7.2603/kWh.

In March 2017, hydel generation was 1,284 GWh (16.85 percent of total generation) coal 8.73 GWh, HSD 38.15 GWh, RFO 2,495.7 GWh( 32.75 percent of total generation), gas, 2,218 units(29.12 percent of total generation, RLNG 611.23 GWh, nuclear, 616.6 GWh, import from Iran, 38.7 GWh mixed 50.2 Gwh, baggasse 107.9 GWh. Total generation in March 2017 was 7,6199 GWh at per unit cost of Rs 5.5383 per unit. Transmission losses in March 2017 were 201.7 GWh. After deduction of transmission losses and sale of power to IPPs, total generation has been recorded at 7,400 GWh at per unit cost of Rs 5.8948 per unit, against reference fuel changes of Rs 8.223 per unit.

According to the petition, supplemental Energy Purchase Price (EPP) charges Rs 378 million in February 2017 and Rs 238.2 million in 2017 respectively.—MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN

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