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COAS underscores need for actualization of NAP

COAS underscores need for actualization of NAP


ISLAMABAD: Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa has said that security threats have been diminished, resulting into a congenial environment for development activities.

Addressing a seminar in Rawalpindi on Thursday, the Chief of Army Staff said, “We are at the most critical phase of our war against terror. As we transit gradually from major operations against terrorism to more intricate and targeted operations against residual threat, under the ambit of Operation Raad-ul-Fasaad, we must also find ways to ensure that the causes behind terrorism are addressed and National Action Plan is actualised.”

“We as a Nation have fought the menace of terrorism most valiantly, giving unparalleled sacrifices. Our Armed forces have set an example for the whole world in cleansing these barbarians from their potholes,” he said.

The Army Chief said that fight here onwards has to be carried out on by all organs of the state and its people.

He said youth is Pakistan’s investment in future. He said that faceless and nameless hostile forces are polluting minds of the youth through social media.

Gen Qamar Bajwa said that Pakistan Army is only army in the world that has defeated terrorism of this scale.

He said India seems to have given into extremism to such an extent that it has become the new normal. Hate has been mainstreamed in India and it is distorting there national outlook.

The Hindutva extremism of the RSS and their Gao Rakshaks, deprivation of Palestinians, the burning and desecration of mosques or gurdwaras in western capitals, the rise of hyper nationalists and the monster of racism, are all manifestations of extremism, he said adding, “We can easily say, it is emerging as a transnational phenomenon hence warranting a transnational, unified response.”

Referring to the challenges, he said, “We survived the worst onslaught of terrorism in modern history, we have reversed the tide. In fact, security has now achieved conditions to help development take-off.”

Despite incessant propaganda, the fact is that as a nation, Pakistan has rejected terrorism. “That speaks of the robustness of our social and religious values and I have no doubt that we equally reject extremism in all its manifestations,” he added.

He said, “Our enemies, both state and non-state, are actively pursuing divisive tendencies in society since they are waging the biggest and most sustained hybrid war against Pakistan from multiple directions and using multiple ways.”

“We are being targeted by not only terrorists but also spin masters of multiple hostile agencies, trying to subvert our minds, particularly that of our youth. Being denied opportunities in the mainstream media, they are using faceless platforms on the internet and smart phones. They are being helped actively in their cause by some countries. Indian leadership has made no secret of its active involvement in proxy struggle in erstwhile East Pakistan and now in Balochistan; nor are the assertions of some other leaders any more secret.”

He further said, “We are cognizant of these threats and are actively countering them with the support of the whole nation. In fact, our homes, educational institutions and media houses are the first line of defence against extremism in the society. When I say educational institutions, they include schools, seminaries and even institutes of higher learning.”

Pakistan has done well in denying terrorists of all hues and colours, any foothold in its territory. “We have ensured the writ of the state in the farthest and remotest corners of the country. Today there are no safe havens for any miscreants in Pakistan,” he said

“We are actively taking measure to ensure that even residual presence does not use Pakistan’s soil against any country, nor will we tolerate others doing so against us,” the Army Chief said.

Having defeated terrorism physically, now their deceitful message and narrative must also be defeated, he stressed.

These so-called Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. They are just a bunch of thugs and killers led by their greed and evil ideologues, he said.

They have realized that through ballot they cannot achieve power but through violence they can, therefore coercion, fear and destruction are their tools of choice, he said.

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