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Bizenjo slams labourers’ killing in Gwadar

Bizenjo slams labourers’ killing in Gwadar


HYDERABAD: The Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and Chief of National Party of Pakistan Mir Hasil Bizenjo has strongly condemned the target killing of nine labourers of Nushero Feroz district of Sindh and termed it the brutal act of those who do not want the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Addressing to meet the press and responding to queries of journalists of Hyderabad Press Club here on Thursday.

The central and provincial leaders of Pakistan Muslim League (N) including Syed Shah Muhammad Shah, Kehaldas Kohistani, Qamar Rajpar, Hanif Siddiqui and Khalid Shaikh were also present on the occasion.

He said that the statements of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi clearly point to the involvement of foreign hands in recent terrorist acts in Baluchistan. The Gwadar incident is not the only brutal act of terror committed in Baluchistan as in the past, a large number of such barbaric acts were committed by the terrorists, he said and reminded that Dasht brutality which claimed the innocent lives of the people of other languages a year back.

He said that Pakistan is the victim of terrorism and engaged in meeting out the internal and external challenges and threats like fundamentalism and extremism which needs to be dealt with iron hands. Those involved in terrorism in Syria have now moved their direction towards Pakistan and there is dire need to tackle the situation amicably, he added.

He said that country can experience more untoward situation as the enemies do not want that Pakistan could flourish and achieve the goals of development from CPEC. The time has come that the people should forge unity among their ranks and foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements, he appealed.

Replying to a question about the relations of Pakistan with Iran and Afghanistan, the Federal Minister for Port and Shipping said that dialogues with both brotherly countries are underway in order to resolve the conflicts and bring peace in the region. Both Pakistan and Iran had extended support to each other whenever it was needed, he said and despite the fact that Iran had made agreements with India but there is the need that being the neighbour, Iran should maintain good relations with Pakistan.

He informed that a delegation of the representatives of the political parties of Pakistan had recently visited Afghanistan where they held dialogues with the President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah as well as former President Hamid Karzai. The visit of the noted national delegation brought positive results, he said and added that Afghan leadership has sense of realization that good relations with Pakistan is in the best interest of Afghanistan. The conflicts with Afghanistan can be resolved through negotiations, he added.

Responding to a question, Mir Hasil Bizenjo said that Joint Investigation Team has been formed to investigate the Gwadar killing incident. The deceased labourers were hired for completion of a development scheme of Baluchistan government instead of the project of CPEC, he said and on behalf of the chief of National Party of Pakistan, he expressed sympathies with the bereaved family members of the deceased labourers for shameful and cowardly act which occurred in Gwadar.

He said that the enemies of Pakistan are pushing Baluchistan towards the civil war aimed at achieving their nefarious goals. The workers of all political parties as well as the people of all languages are being killed under deep rooted conspiracy, he said and informed over 50 workers of National Party of Pakistan including Habib Jalib and Moula Bux Dasti have lost their lives as a result of these target killings.

He informed that around three thousand Balochi people have been killed by terrorist by declaring them informers. He refused to accept those who are sitting abroad and claiming themselves the leaders of Baloch people and killing the innocent people of Baluchistan.

However, he said that the government has been engaged to ensure law and order in Baluchistan province and as a result of action against anti-state elements, numbers of no go areas in Baluchistan have been restored and those remaining would also be opened for all very soon.

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