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Sindh PA rejects PTI motion seeking debate on pollution

Sindh PA rejects PTI motion seeking debate on pollution


KARACHI: The majority at the Sindh Assembly rejected PTI legislatorís adjournment motion that sought debate on growing pollution that hurts the urban environment badly and gives birth to deadly diseases. .

Dr Seema Zia of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday sought a debate on the pollution through an adjournment motion in the house to get the issue heard.

The PTIís female legislator said that environmental pollution has outgrown to strike Karachi adversely and engendered diseases. She said that people suffer due to deadly diseases that gripped the entire city. She sought admissibility of the motion for a debate.

However, Sindh Senior Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro opposed the move that was struck down in no time. The minister said that the pollution is not a new issue and the government was making efforts to meet the challenge through plantation and other measures.

Before rejecting the move, Khuhro acknowledged the pollution as an issue. He said that the motion does not apply on technical ground to be discussed in the house.

Speaker Agha Siraj Khan Durrani ruled the adjournment motion stood rejected for not meeting the rules and procedures of the assembly.

The house also adopted a bill seeking increase in salaries of legislators and cabinet members. The bill received unanimous favourable vote after some amendments.

Sindh Local Government Minister, Jam Khan Shoro, assured the assembly that his department was taking steps to ensure water supply to rural parts of the province and Karachi city.

Replying to call attention notice of MQMís Kamran Akhtar, he said, his department is making efforts to cope with the water shortage issue that the city and rural parts of Sindh faced with. He said that water crisis would be eased during the summer.

Shoro said his department had closed down several illegal hydrants that held up water supply in the district west. He asserted his department never blackmailed industries. He said that only one hydrant is permitted to function in each district of the city. The house now stands prorogued.

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