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Marine experts call for regional cooperation

Marine experts call for regional cooperation


KARACHI: Marine experts on Thursday called for the regional cooperation to transfer technology and knowledge to help nations manage fisheries resources, effectively.

At the concluding session of a two-day workshop titled ‘improving transparency and traceability in Tuna Fisheries in North Indian Ocean’ organized by World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan), experts hoped the cooperation will help increase regional food security.

The fisheries experts from a number of countries vowed to support the pilot projects on electronic monitoring systems to engage local fishing communities regarding transparency and sustainable management of coastal resources and more importantly on gathering catch data necessary for robust decision making.

They also took into account that the regional cooperation could be enhanced for technology and knowledge transfer to create synergies in better resource management and finally workshop participants exchanged their ideas to improve fish landing sites particularly in regional countries.

The participating regional countries including Pakistan, Iran, Maldives and Sri Lanka also emphasized on developing joint proposals for a large marine ecosystem programme while considering the lessons learned from such programmes, as regards to the Bay of Bengal programme.

This would help regional cross-exchange for learning and supporting fisheries management, recognizing that fisheries are common goods and must be managed by all.

Speaking on the occasion, Rab Nawaz, Senior Director Programmes, WWF-Pakistan said that post-harvest losses, by-catch issues and destructive fishing methods are threatening the rich biodiversity of the Arabian Sea.

He was of the view that regular exchange of information and technology transfer among regional countries should be ensured and cooperation should be enhanced at regional level. He emphasized that improved surveillance and monitoring of fishing vessels could help revive fish stocks and effective management of marine resources.

Lioba Struck, Project Manager at NAVAMA UK; Alfred Schumm, Director, WWF-International, Michael Osmond, WWF-US and James Geehan, Fisheries Statistician from Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) also spoke on the occasion.

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