KARACHI: A number of green patches on Main University Road from old Sabzi Mandi to NIPA have been reduced to almost nothing as cows are seen grazing on these green strips of land.

The newly built green belts are under threat as there is no check on stray cattle.

A very large number of cows have overrun the university road, snarling traffic and making children pass within inches of the cows and bulls as they walk.

Stray animals, especially cows, are often seen grazing on saplings and grass on the university road. Now, there are a few patches like green belts left in these areas which might also meet the same fate as others if appropriate steps not taken.

Shopkeepers and residents when spoken to complained that the city government is reluctant to act even though they are time and again informed about stray animals. They further said that apart from destroying green cover, stray animals also cause road accidents and traffic congestion.

“Cows can be seen sitting in middle of the roads after grazing on the green belts. It is feared that they may cause severe traffic congestion and major accidents. All stray cattle should be shifted out of city,” they said.

They further said that the civic body should make special arrangements to transport all stray cattle out of city and impose heavy fine on cows’ owners. Beside university road, cows on other arteries of the metropolis are a major traffic hazard. A large number of cows on the roads lead to traffic jams time and again, and are equally troublesome for motorists and pedestrians.