“Mike Bloomberg said something rather interesting the other day….”

“Something about Trump that you are trying to equate with The Khan I presume? Granted that the Trump presidency is kind of reminiscent of the Sharif era what with First Daughter’s getting prominence and.…”

“Ah but there is a difference – Trump was willing to give an important job to Ivanka’s spouse and if I recall correctly Mian Nawaz Sharif merely gave Captain, the very retired Safdar, simply a seat or two for members of his family and…”

“To each son in law according to what he merits as per the perception of the father in law!”

“Or as per the insistence of the First Daughter?!”  

“Anyway Mike Bloomberg recently stated that the presidency is not an entry level job!”

“That maybe true for the US but not for Pakistan. I mean how many entry level people have not headed our governments which accounts for the present state of affairs. Leave the caretakers alone, military dictators were entry level as well and then there were those supported by the military as The Khan said over the weekend…”

“He is right you know.”

“Yes but there is some evidence that the change of heart of electables just before the July 2018 elections was not entirely due to The Khan’s charisma or The Khan’s vision for the country or disenchantment with the status quo parties’ leadership but other elements which prompted Bilawal and his dad as well as the Sharifs to refer to The Khan as a selected prime minister….”

“You can say what you want but I think The Khan is an honest man, he is dedicated to leaving a mark on history by transforming this country and.….”

“No arguments there but the problem rests with his team.”

‘What ever do you mean?”

“Fifty percent of those around him are Musharrafites responsible for the current state of affairs – take law and order, take the economy, take the…”


“And to add to that, Asad Umer will be The Khan’s Ishaq Dar because the economy remains directionless and this in spite of some critics being given government jobs a la Dar style and….”

“Ha ha that’s what every Finance Minister does right!”