PM signals announcement of more tough decisions


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday stated that the coalition government would not hesitate to take more tough and bold decisions for the economy, if needed.

In a media talk along with the coalition parties’ members after the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the premier said that the government of the ruling coalition had taken bold decisions and if there would be a need to take more such decisions it would not hesitate to for the sake of the economy.

We will not feel reluctance in taking any step for the economy, he said, adding that a good time for the people would come after this difficult situation.

The premier also came hard on the previous government and stated that the present government is facing difficulties with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the revival of the EFF programme because of the taxes and other measures agreed by them with the Fund were violated.

However, he was hopeful that the difficult situation would be over soon.

He said that the government has increased the petroleum prices with a heavy heart but was also taking steps to provide relief to the 70 million people by providing monthly Rs2,000.

On the policy issue side, he said that the government has decided to redistribute the burden of the poor in the budget and taxes were imposed on the wealthy so as to provide relief to the common man.

The prime minister was hopeful that the wealthy would happily contribute in taxes to lessen the burden of the poor, adding that a challenging responsibility was taken by the coalition partners and they would deliver on it.

Earlier, during the Cabinet meeting, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has reportedly faced difficult questions from the Cabinet member about the increase in petroleum prices as well as on taxes with regard to the latest update on the IMF programme. The finance minister reportedly said that the rise of petroleum prices in the international market has been the reason for the increase in petroleum prices and reiterated about good news from the IMF soon.