LAHORE: Torrential rains hit the city on Thursday with the entry of fresh monsoon system in the country which led to 115 millimetres of rainfall in a day.

The rain started in the morning and continued until the afternoon in major parts of the city, restricting the routine business activities by and large. Various parts of the city registered heavy spells of rain which inundated many low lying areas in the city and caused traffic mess throughout the day.

According to the local rainfall data released by regional office of Pakistan Meteorological Department, the area of Tajpura registered 115 millimeter rain, followed by 108 millimeter in the area of Pani Wala Talab, 106 millimeter in Lakshmi Chowk, and 103 millimeter in Farrukhabad.

It may be noted that the PMD sources have predicted more rain by early next week throughout the central and upper Punjab, including Kashmir and other hilly areas.