ISLAMABAD: Power Planning and Monitoring Company (PPMC), an arm of Power Division, has issued standard procedures for load shedding during Ramazan.

According to policy, to be unveiled by the Power Division, a Zero Load Management (LM) policy should be put in place during Sehr and Iftar/ Taraweeh periods. The prevailing LM policy will remain in effect on Category –l to Cat-VI feeders for the rest of the day.

Official sources told Business Recorder that to maintain effective management of the activities, Ramadan duties should be distributed at the HQ, Circle, Division, and Sub-Division levels. Control Rooms should run continuously, under the supervision of a CE level officer. Moreover, concerned officers and officials must be on duty in their areas, particularly during Sehr and Iftar/Taraweeh hours. To implement the Ramadan SOPs, all CEOs should visit their Circles.

Discos have been directed that their Subdivisions should have trolley-mounted transformers on hand for emergency replacement of damaged transformers in accordance with SOP. It is necessary to ensure that materials and T&P/ PPE are accessible at sub-divisions.

PPMC has further directed that Complaint Centres should be fully operational at all levels via landline and cell phones, especially XEN/ SDO/ LS who should respond to public complaints promptly. The Director FCC should keep an eye on how complaints are handled at the Ministry level.

Constraints will be removed to the extent possible before Ramadan. Technically-related outages ought to be made public via print and electronic media.

CEOs will monitor unscheduled load shedding at the company level, and CEO PITC will monitor unscheduled load shedding at all Discos level.—MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN