Ahsan underscores need for stronger industry-academia ties


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal emphasized the crucial need for stronger industry-academia ties in the animal husbandry sector to boost productivity and exports.

Chairing a meeting with the Animal Husbandry Committee and vice chancellors of veterinary colleges, Minister Iqbal stressed the importance of modernising education curricula to meet contemporary demands and align with the 4th industrial revolution.

Highlighting the sector’s pivotal role in achieving sustainable economic growth and development, the Minister underscored the need for academia-industry linkages to equip individuals with requisite skills. He noted that despite being the 4th largest milk producer globally, Pakistan’s dairy and poultry products lag behind countries such as New Zealand and Norway in terms of quality, emphasizing the need to capitalise on increased production to propel the livestock industry to global prominence.

Minister Iqbal directed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to implement performance audits in educational institutions to ensure quality standards and prioritise high-caliber research endeavours. He reiterated his commitment to enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of Pakistan’s animal husbandry sector through collaborative efforts between government, academia, and industry stakeholders, aligning with his 5Es framework, which prioritizes exports-lead growth.

By fostering stronger industry-academia ties and modernising education curricula, Minister Iqbal aims to boost Pakistan’s exports, promote technological innovation, and provide a competitive edge to the country’s economic sector, ultimately driving sustainable economic growth and development.