KARACHI: A book “Naram Garam” written by renowned industrialist, distinguished social worker and chairman of Medicam Group Khalil Ahmed Nainitaalwala, was launched on Sunday at a local hotel.

The event was organised under the umbrella of 21st Century Business and Economics Club. Its founder and Chairman, Syed Salah Uddin Haider was present on this occasion along with former governor Sindh Gen Moinuddin Haider (retd), Suhail Wajahat Siddique, former Justice Khaziq Al Khairi and others.

While addressing to the gathering, former Governor Sindh Gen Moinuddin Haider (retd) praises the social work done by Khalil Ahmed Nainitaalwala. He added that although Khalil Ahmed spent five years with peoples’ party and Tehreek-e-Istaqlal and wrote a book on politics as well but not become successful in the field of politics. However, he is a most successful man in all other fields.

“The author is one of the leading businessmen of the society. He is not only taking interest in economic, cultural and social activities but also serving education sector greatly,” added by former Justice Khaziq Al Khairi, he further said the author had been serving the city since long and his columns were well representing previous and current era of living.

Salah Uddin Haider also addressed on this occasion. He highlighted in his speech that the author had such a great way of writing and in this book. He has truly portrayed incidents and happenings from different countries of the world. He has given words to his own experience as well.

While revealing the idea behind writing this book, author Khalil Ahmed Nainitaalwala said, “our beloved country Pakistan is still there in the same position where it was years before. Our county is not making any progress in fact going towards downfall.” He has also summed up his own 60 years of travelling experience in this book.—PR