ST deregistration applications

This is apropos a Business Recorder news item “Thousands of deregistration applications pending with FBR” carried by the newspaper on Sept 12, I would refer to the strain that the pending applications may be causing on the FBR.

The FBR should immediately get rid, not try to get rid, of the unwanted excess load being carried by them.

In the wake of non-flow of information, it is not possible to weigh the money cost as also cost in terms of man hours to handle issues arising out of ‘no decision on the applications’. Along with are storage cost and related fallouts viz. air-conditioning, lighting, guards, firefighting, insurance of sorts and so on, besides time consumed in answering stream of queries.

What to speak of the anguish and miseries of the applicants and the atrocities inflicted on the relevant persons who had done what they were required to do under the law. With no soul to comfort them in distress. In the wake of non-suspension of action by the FBR authorities in the interregnum while deregistration process pending in FBR, they are miserable.

FBR should hire an independent consultant to study the effect of pending deregistration applications on time, health, administrative issues and resources of FBR plus all round rusting, insecurity and morel. The consultant should submit report on all aspects within two weeks.

Thereafter, a team, with not too many from the FBR, should be inducted to take a decision on the applications pending for deregistration. Why not deregister all of them to save your soul? FBR action, if called for against the delinquents, can proceed even thereafter.

Karachi Qaisar Mufti