HYDERABAD: Dr Zeeshan Khatri said that the successful entrepreneur is one that converts idea into profitable ventures and takes the existing problems as business opportunities.

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset, idea-generation, and innovation. As far as the techno-entrepreneurship is concerned, it creates the value by the use of technology in the products,” he said delivering a lecture on the “Techno-Entrepreneurship” at a graduate seminar at the auditorium of the US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) at the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, on Friday.

Dr Khatri said that Pakistan is the best place for technology entrepreneurship. He said that the technology is not for love or hate but for the use of innovative products and its value-creation. He said that the use of technology as an integral and key element in the transformation of the products and the utility of the products is equally important as their invention.

“Customers always find the uniqueness in the products so the entrepreneurs innovate and the customers validate those products,” he said. On this occasion, Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar, deputy director Academics and Research at the USPCAS-W MUET said that the Water Centre was established with the generous support by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) Pakistan under the cooperative agreement at the MUET and technically supported by the University of Utah (UU), USA.

He said that the Centre has been equipped with modern water laboratories to conduct applied research in the water sector in Pakistan. He further said that the issues related to the climate, environment, and water of the country would be solved by developing human capital in the sector, which would bring prosperity to the people by boosting Pakistan’s economy.

Dr. Kamran Ansari, director Career Counselling, and Placement at the USPCAS-w MUET presented the souvenirs to Dr Khatri, the scholar who got Ph.D. from Japan and presently serves as an Associate Professor at the Department of Textile Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.