KARACHI: In order to promote home remittances through legal channel, H&H Exchange Company has announced launch of a mega reward scheme for beneficiaries of home remittances through Western Union.

According to H&H Exchange Company Chairman Haji Haroon in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan and Western Union, H&H announces a reward scheme for next two months. All home remittances, sent through Western Union and received in H&H branches in Pakistan, will be eligible for the reward scheme and a lucky draw to be held in the first week of April this year, he added.

Under the reward scheme, every beneficiary of the home remittances will also get a scratch card from the H&H branches in Pakistan. The scratch card will have a minimum prize of Rs 200 in terms of cash or any other goods. While, millions of rupees prizes including Bahria Town plot, cars, motorcycles, cash, wristwatches and Umrah tickets will also be given through lucky draw, he added.

Haji Haroon said this is one of the mega reward schemes of home remittances, in which a beneficiary will get millions of rupees’ prizes.

“The scheme will be supervised by the State Bank of Pakistan and Western Union and we are expecting over 20,000 participations in the scheme in next two months,” he added.

He said that being a leading exchange company, H&H has always supported the government and the SBP policies for promotion of home remittances and discouraged Hundi and Hawala.

He said recently, H&H had arranged seminars in Madina and Jeddah for awareness of home remittances through legal channel. The scheme was launched by the company in these seminars. The seminars were addressed by Matwali Roza Rasool Sheikh Noori, Executive Director, State Bank of Pakistan, Syed Irfan Ali, Western Union head of Pakistan & Afghanistan Badaruddin and Basit Ali.