KARACHI: In a new turn in the Intezar-murder case, eyewitness Madiha Kayani has claimed that the 19-year-old’s killing was premeditated.

Intezar Ahmed was killed after the police’s Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) officials opened fire on his vehicle on Khayaban-e-Ittehad, DHA on the night of January 13.

In a latest released video message, eyewitness Madiha Kayani has claimed that Intezar Ahmed’s murder was premeditated.

In the video message, Kayani, who was accompanying Intezar at the time of his murder, claims that the deceased had told her that his car had been marked and was being followed. She said she was in Intezar’s car when he was killed. Kayani, stating that her life is in danger, appealed to the Rangers to provide her with security. She says that the man who opened fire had a moustache and was identified by her before.—INP