PESHAWAR: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PESCO Engineer Dr. Zakaullah Khan Gandapur has directed the Pesco Technical Staff to adopt all precautionary measures to avoid electrocution and electric shocks for their own safety.

In a statement issued here Sunday, he directed line staff to not start work without PTW (Permit to Work). Before starting work, be sure that power supply is shutdown. Poles on both the sides must be properly earthen for the safety of technical staff working on line/pole and never stand on Transformer or any other electrical instrument while working.

He further urged the technical staff to be-careful from the streetlights and neutral cables and fastening of safety belt while working on line. Wearing helmet and rubber gloves while working and usage of thread stitched shoes by the linemen and avoid nail fixed shoes while working on line. Fixing ladder tightly with the pole and keeping working instruments in proper condition. Use tight cotton clothes and not using loose and silky clothes, while working on line.

The PESCO chief has also urged customers to adopt all precautionary measures to avoid electric shocks for their own safety so that precious human lives and property could be secured. The safety measures include, to properly “earthen” electrical appliances and replace or tape all worn out wires and not to touch electrical appliances / cables with wet hands.

The general public is also requested to be careful and attentive while using electric water pumps and other electrical appliances and requested them not to tie their pets and cattle with the poles and towers. The women have also been requested to avoid usage of metal wires for drying of clothes and not to touch the washing machine with wet hands without switching it off. The women were further urged for keeping a mate under your foot while pressing the clothes.