HYDERABAD: Artists and poets serve as ambassadors of peace who transcend the differences of caste, colour, creed and geographical barriers to spread message of love on earth.

Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat said this on the occasion of a lecture given by US bard, narrative story-teller and word artist Timothy. The lecture programme was organized by Institute of English Language and Literature of the Varsity at Shaikh Ayaz auditorium of Arts Faculty building, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

He further said that Poets and artists serve as ambassadors of love and peace.

Addressing the audience comprising students of IELL, speaker Timothy said that poetry was a universal language to effectively and forcefully disseminate the energy of love. He added that poetry and music were made up of sentiments, feelings, passions and emotions that remained a common human heritage, hence no longer confined to any particular people, place, race and ethnic identity.

“I am pleasantly delighted to find people who believe in and practice liberal, secular and core human values in an absolutely democratic manner. Before I came here I cherished the view that people in this part of the world would not be as their western counterparts. But now I have this misperception evaporated,” he said.

Commenting on Shah Latif’s verse, Timothy remarked that Latif’s poetry was highly lyrical in its content and character, and that the given peculiarity lent his poetry power to soothe and move.

On the occasion, Timothy also formally interacted with students in the audience in form of questions and answers.

Earlier, IELL Director Prof Dr Rafique Ahmed Memon presented welcome note. Renowned singer, composer and founder of “The Sketches” music band Saif Samejo also participated in the programme as a special guest.