KARACHI: Announced and unannounced loadshedding continued to trouble citizens in Karachi during the month of Ramadan as outages hit hard several areas Saturday.

As temperatures rise in the city, K-Electric carries out further cut in power supply to its consumers.

There is no respite for people as scorching heat and unannounced load shedding continue to grip Karachi at Ramazan. 

Residents and small business owners expressed concern over almost 8 to10 hour’s long load shedding in residential and commercial areas which has certainly serious problems in offering Taravees, at the time of Iftar and Sehri. In may areas power supply disconnected before Sehri and it was restored at 8 in the morning.

People observing fast complained that power outages span surged many times in different areas in last few days including Malir, Shah Faisal Colony, Safoora, Kiran Hospital Road, University Road, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulberg, Nazimabad, Federal B Area, Scheme 33, Safoora, Gu;listan-e-Johar Lyari, Buffer zone, North Karachi and Korangi areas. etc.

The supply is so erratic that the general pubic cannot use their domestic appliances, which often break down when power returns. Load shedding has been increased to two three -hour spells, badly affecting the output of small traders, many of whom say they cannot afford losses.

Small business owners alleged that K electric indulged in their economic murder by carrying out long hour scheduled and unscheduled load shedding. Some time K electric a plea that one of its plants had developed some fault, trip of feeder, ongoing repair work etc to carry out unannounced load shedding for hours. Small businesses such as tailoring units and small-scale flour mills, photo state shops, tube vulcanize etc. that are dependent heavily on K electric are facing a severe crisis situation in view of the 8 hours and more hours of power cuts. Small-scale businesses in commercial and residential areas complain that they were unable to operate their machines for most part of the day.