LAHORE: The trend of over billing by the Lahore Electric Supply Company has resurfaced with rise in temperatures as a large number of consumers are visiting the Lesco offices for correction of their bills.

It may be noted that the trend of over billing has been very disturbing for consumers by and large and the federal ministry had even announced to register a First Information Report (FIR) against the field staff involved in over billing. This had also resulted into huge hue and cry on the part of Lesco staff.

However, the trend was subsided with active involvement of the ministry and the consumers had taken a deep sigh of relief. Once again, a large number of consumers have received inflated bills on one or the other account. They are supposed to visit the LESCO offices to get it corrected, pay one-third of the total while taking the rest of the controversial amount to the review committee. Furthermore, the field staff designated to inspect total load at residences also demand money for a favourable report to the consumer.

A good number of consumers have pointed out that the computers at the revenue offices of Lesco add the disputed amount to the next month bills and they repeat a similar exercise to exclude it before making payment to banks.

Electricity consumers have urged Federal Minister for Power Division Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari to take notice of the situation and ensure implementation of the relevant laws against the field staff before his departure for next general elections.

Meanwhile, the Lesco sources said one of major reasons of inflated bills is charging of sales tax on tariff, excise duty, Neelum Jhelum surcharge and other taxes. Furthermore, categorization of different tariff slabs also invites miseries to the consumers as they consume extra electricity during the months of May, June and July respectively.