PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety and Halal Food Authority in collaboration with district administration conducted a raid and seized 6000 kilograms of unhygienic meat in Mardan.

According to spokesperson Attaullah Khan, a Godown situated on Mall Road Mardan was raided by Deputy Director Zeeshan Mahsud accompanied by Assistant Commissioner Imran Khan, where unhygienic meat was stored for to supply it to the whole city of Mardan.

During the raid it was revealed that the meat was containing vital organs of the animals in unhygienic conditions. These organs had been chopped and converted into mince by using some non-food grade colors. The spokesperson added that three of the culprits have been arrested and further investigation is in progress. The packets of hearts and liver allegedly imported from India and was about to be supplied to Mardan city in the shape of mince.

The spokesperson also revealed that it’s the third case being identified in Mardan where Indian imported organs of animals are being used for making mince by using non-food grade red color.

The spokesperson added that Director General Riaz Khan Mahsud appreciated support of Mardan District administration and termed it as team work. He also said that such extended support to KP Food Authority will yield in provision of safe and healthy food to the general public of Mardan.

He further said all departments situated in districts are part of KP Food Authority’s team and close liaison has been made to carry out such successful operations across the province. Assistant Commissioner Imran Khan expressed that he has a close liaison with the authority team and will provide every possible support in making the Mardan clean of these suppliers.