ISLAMAABD: Instead of taking action against thousands of illegally promoted employees, the human resources department of Capital Development Authority (CDA) forwarded names of only 34 officers to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to save its blue-eyed officers.

Sources said that CDA’s human resources department has provided the record of only 34 officers, out of over 8,000 officers and employees, to FIA who were illegally promoted during the last 10 years. Following provision of record by the CDA, the agency has registered an FIR against 34 employees and started investigation against them, the sources said.

They said that the CDA human resources wing not only provided incorrect data to FIA but also misled the court at different times in this regard.

They said the Supreme Court had taken a suo motu notice in 2014 of the illegal/irregular up-gradation, re-designation, and change of cadre of certain employees of the CDA between years 2007-12 during the tenure of Farkhand Iqbal and Imtiaz Inayat Elahi as CDA chairmen. The Supreme Court had reserved its judgment in this regard, but the CDA human resources wing in connivance with the FIA started inquiry to save their favourites.

They said that during the tenure of Sohail Durrani, Director General (administration), a list of 191 officials was submitted to the Supreme Court. Later, the HR department of the Authority issued show cause notices to 60 officials but there is no mention of those officials in the FIA case.

A number of CDA officials talking to Business Recorder said the case of over 1,000 employees is pending before the apex court and the agency has lodged the FIR against only 34 persons. “If the case is probed thoroughly, there would be around 1,000 officers out of 8,000 employees who have been benefited through CDA’s illegal act,” he said.

According to the FIR, it transpired that a number of ‘favourite’ employees of various directorates of CDA had illegally been upgraded in violation of rules and regulations from the year 2007 to 2013. The agency has nominated two former chairmen CDA including Imitaz Inayat Ellahi and Farkhand Iqbal and former member Shaukat Ali. Six other officers have been nominated in the FIR including Muhammad Ali Shah, Najma Azhar, Muhammad Hayat, Syed Safdar Ali Shah, Muhammad Sulman, and former Director General Khalil Ahmad.