ISLAMABAD: The government has failed to outsource high losses feeders of power distribution companies owing to poor response and resistance by the employees, it is learnt.

Sources said that past experience of outsourcing high loss feeders of power distribution companies – Multan Electric Power Company, Lahore Electric Power Company, Hyderabad Electric Power Company and Peshawar Electric Power Company – remained unsuccessful for various reasons.

In the case of MEPCO, tender for outsourcing of 17 high losses feeders was floated and tender opening date was extended twice because of non-participation of vender. Despite extension of opening date, nobody approached MEPCO for getting tender documents.

Similarly, past experience of outsourcing high loss feeders of Lesco was not good as tender issued for outsourcing of meter reading of high loss 7 subdivisions could not materialized because of high rates offered by the lowest bidders and stiff resistance by collective bargaining agent (CBA).

The Hesco tried to outsource 44 feeders under Latifabad Division but experienced resistance from CBA and workers’ union. The CBA filed petition in Sindh High Court against outsourcing of high loss feeders.

M/s Fahad & Company that was awarded contract furnished fake bank guarantee which led to cancellation of the contract.

Likewise, the process of outsourcing of high loss feeders was started in Pesco during 2014 and contract agreements with the lowest bidders were signed for 6 feeders in Bannu area. The CBA union of Pesco started agitations and forcibly stopped contractors from working at site. Thus, the contract could not be executed properly.

Later on, a subdivision in Peshawar district was handed over to CBA on their request purely on performance based incentives but it was also not materialized due to high incentives demanded by the CBA.

Sources said that Discos have been terming non-cooperation of provincial governments and police department as one of the major factors for high loss feeders. They added that one of the Discos has also suggested for deployment of Rangers due to non-cooperation of province and police department.

The main reason of high loss is said to be illegal hook connections, as there are a huge number of illegal connections in different parts of the country.