ANJUM ibrahim

A fair comparison?

“So my advice to you: do not compare apples with oranges.”

“From where I am sitting, it seems the comparison is between apples and…and…any svelte fruit?”

“Fruit is not svelte – it’s to your taste or not…”

“Right and I love all fruits, whatever shape and size they come in.”

“Fruit is a generic term so to speak and you know that fruit varies greatly in taste, in size, in its impact on your body and psyche and…”

“Where does psyche come in?”

“Well, Sihala jail as we all know was declared sub-jail when Ayyan Ali the beautiful supermodel was unfairly put behind bars just because she tried to get a mere half a million dollars out of this country…”

“Are you being facetious?”

“Good heavens no, you answer my question. How much capital flight, on average, is there from Pakistan every year? Around 5 billion dollars or so and that’s a conservative estimate? So what is half a million, not billion, half a million dollars that AA was trying to get out of the country?”

“You are being facetious.”

“What was so unfair about the treatment meted out to AA during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure was that the entire country was shown the super model every time she was taken to court, and she was not advertising any product for which she would have been paid very well and that to me shows lost income which the Sharifs must pay her and…”

“Oh can it; so the next well known occupant of Sihala jail maybe Maryam Nawaz or so I hear and let me remind the biased caretaker government that the two cases are very different. Ayyan Ali worked hard for her money and she was not laundering money for herself, no one but no one thought that she was taking her own money out while Maryam Nawaz…”

“Anti-Nawaz Sharif people like you are so scared of the Father and Daughter – you are not letting them speak to the public, you are not letting their lawyer meet them, you are not letting…”

“I agree - the caretakers are giving the PML-N an out by blacking them out till after the elections, I mean they can always say they lost because of that, but that is balanced by not letting them meet their lawyer who has not been able to convince the court of anything that was desired by the Father and Daughter, I mean really not a thing….”

“That makes him the Holy Ghost.”


“The expression is the father, the daughter and the holy ghost.”

“It’s the father, the son…”

“And if sons are absconders then?”

“I see.”