LHC summons AGM on 16th


LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Monday summoned acting general manager of Punjab Saaf Pani Company on September 16 and directed him to explain his position regarding allegations raised by the petitioners who were terminated by the company.

The petitioners Muhammad Amjad and others challenging their removal through Safdar Shaheen advocate contended that the company removed 132 employees on the pretext of financial crunch.

He said the company violated the conditions of the employment contract by terminating services of the petitioners.

He argued that the petitioners were appointed on project posts and their services could not be terminated till the completion of the project.

He also told the court that the acting general manager of the company had been extending threats to the petitioners since they filed the petition. He claimed that the acting general manager also told the petitioners that he would not submit any reply in the court.

He said the conduct of the officer amounted to contempt of court. The court after hearing the counsel said if allegations of the petitioners proved to be true the court would issue a contempt notice to the respondent acting general manager.