KARACHI: APNS expresses its gratitude to the Prime Minister Imran Khan on exempting 5 percent import duty on newsprint and instructing the Ministry of Information to clear the advertising outstanding dues. Hameed Haroon, President, All Pakistan Newspapers Society and Sarmad Ali, Secretary General in a press statement have thanked the Prime Minister of Pakistan for accepting the request of the APNS to waive off import duty on newsprint to bailout the newspaper industry from the monetary crisis caused by the hike in newsprint prices in the international market.

The APNS had apprised the Prime Minister that due to high price of newsprint and the depreciation of Pak Rupee the newspapers are facing acute financial crunch and many newspapers are at the brink of closure.

The prime minister very kindly acceded to the APNS request and announced immediate withdrawal of 5 percent import duty on newsprint. They also thanked the Prime Minister for instructing the Ministry of Information for settlement of substantial amount of outstanding dues of the newspapers.—PR