ISLAMABAD: Crime rate in the federal Capital remained relatively low during the last week as only few cases of theft and carjacking were reported to the various police stations of the city.

During the last week, four cases of various kinds of theft and two cases of car lifting were reported in the city.

A senior official said that main reason of decrease in crime rate was active patrolling of police and Rangers personnel in the city following the spread of coronavirus.

Heavy contingent of police and army personnel have also been deployed at the city’s exit and entry points, he said.

Alam Din lodged a complaint with Aabpra Police Station that unidentified robbers broke into his house and stole gold ornaments, cash and prize bonds worth Rs 800,000.

Motor vehicle thieves stole a car bearing registration number AKS-733 belonging to Adeel Ahmed worth Rs 1,600,000.

Asim Ali informed Khanna Police Station that unidentified robbers stole prize bond, LED, and gold ornament worth Rs 800,000 from his house.

Another, Abid Iqbal lodged a complaint with the Industrial Area Police Station that unidentified robbers snatched gold ornament worth Rs 200,000 from his wife.