Pakistan Cables donates Rs2m

KARACHI: Pakistan Cables has pledged to support coronavirus relief efforts to help flatten the curve.

The commitment includes a donation of Rs 2 million towards coronavirus relief efforts led by Karachi Relief Trust (KRT). KRT is distributing food ration to families, in Karachi and parts of Sindh, whose livelihoods are being impacted by the pandemic.

The Company is investing in a digital public awareness campaign. Through digital messaging, the company logo has been expressing solidarity with the nation by supporting the message that social distancing, to whatever extent possible, is a critical precaution.

The Company in its message has also paid tribute to the frontline heroes, combating the corona virus head on. Fahd K Chinoy, Chief Executive Officer, Pakistan Cables Limited said, “This is the time for the business community to respond with a higher sense of duty and collaborate with welfare organizations and the government.”-PR