LAHORE: The Muslim Commercial Bank, one of Pakistan’s largest banks, has donated a sum of Rs 5,000,000 to a renowned NGO, the Jahandad Society for Community Development (JSCD), for distribution of food ration packs to needy families during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mian Mohammad Mansha, chairman of MCB, presented a cheque to Dr Hussain Jafri, executive member of JSCD, during a cheque handing over ceremony held at the MCB House here. Ali Amir, executive member of JSCD, Rehan Mujeeb, programme manager of JSCD, and Hassan Nawaz Tarar, group head of Security and Marketing Group, were also present on the occasion.

The JSCD has initiated a campaign to start distributing food ration packages to daily-wage workers, who are unable to earn their livelihood due to the ongoing lockdown.

Each ration pack costs approximately Rs3,200 and contains essential items including flour, rice, pulses, sugar, ghee, salt, soap, tea, whole spices and a pack of cake rusk for the needy families. The JSCD is adopting 10,000 families for the provision of food ration during the lockdown.

The JSCD is a credible non-governmental organization that was established in 2002 and provides a range of services in the fields of health and education for the underprivileged and marginalized people of Pakistan with particular emphasis on women and children.

MCB, a Bank for Life, strongly believes in its corporate social responsibility and has undertaken numerous other CSR initiatives in the areas of education, health, environment and social awareness in the past—PR