KARACHI: Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (Byco) has announced its decision to establish a diesel hydro de-sulphurising (DHDS) unit and a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit. An Extraordinary General Meeting of Byco’s shareholders was held on Thursday to approve this decision.

The Units include among others, the diesel hydro de-sulphurising units, including the pre and post treatment plants which include an amine system, sour water system and sulphur plant; and the fluid catalytic cracking unit, including the pre and post treatment plants which include vacuum distillation, selective hydrogenation process, alkylation, cat naphtha hydrotreater, cat reformer, dimersol, gasoline merox, sweet frac, C3 | C4 splitter and gas con.

These additional processing units shall enable Byco to reduce the sulphur content in the diesel it produces and convert furnace oil into gasoline and diesel.

Byco’s Chief Executive Officer Amir Abbassciy said: “Alhamdolillah, today we announce yet another decision taken to future proofing our business through continuous improvement of our systems and processes. We have been planning and preparing for these upgrades at our refineries for some time. The addition of the DHDS and FCC facilities will make Byco a stronger and more profitable entity and will make our products both more environmentally sound and competitive in the marketplace.—PR