Import by PSO delayed by couple of days


ISLAMABAD: The import of petroleum products by Pakistan State Oil (PSO) is delayed by couple of days as vessels in international market are unavailable due to COVID-19. However, Petroleum Division stated that sufficient stocks of oil are available with PSO.

Spokesperson for Petroleum Division negates the speculation over severe diesel supply in country amid wheat harvesting season in the most of areas of the country. Spokesperson says that presently, country has an ample High Speed Diesel (HSD) stocks around 265,000 MTs which are sufficient for seven to ten days demand of entire country.

Petroleum Division also directed all refineries to enhance their production and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have also been directed to move the product at high consumption depots/locations. Accordingly, the situation will get normalized, soon.

The demand is 711,013 metric ton for the month of May. Local refineries production is 435,000 metric ton, deficit is 276,012 metric tone, 394,000 metric ton is planned for import and variance is 112,987 metric tones.

Four vessels are expected to arrive in May. Three vessels having 100,000 metric tons diesel of Pakistan State Oil and one of 42,000 metric tons by HASCOL will berth at Port Qasim in current month.