KARACHI: Managing Director of Pakistan Television Corporation, Aamer Manzoor, on Friday firmly rejected the charges placed against him by the newly constituted PTV Board of Directors under the direction of PTV Chairman Naeem Bokhari.

Manzoor said the “charge sheet” presented to him was in reaction to Manzoor’s efforts to stabilise the organisation, which has been thrown into disarray by Bokhari’s adhoc decisions.

Manzoor pointed out that he has consistently followed the rules of the state owned broadcaster and followed the mandate given by Prime Minister Imran Khan to raise the stature of PTV to internationally accepted standards.

Manzoor added that he had spearheaded PTV’s financial turnaround and the State broadcaster had shown operational profits consistently during his tenure and termed the charges against him as ill-intentioned and part of a campaign to discredit his contributions to the organisation.—PR