4000 petrol pumps identified across country

ISLAMABAD: The authorities have identified 4000 petroleum pumps across the country, which are running their business without proper documentation.

This was revealed at a recent meeting of the Federal Cabinet, when the issue of smuggled fuel came under discussion.

Referring to the recent crackdown on smuggled fuel, some members of the Cabinet alluded to misuse of authority by Customs authorities. It was pointed out that a number of petrol-station owners were being harassed without any substantive evidence against them.

The Cabinet was informed that illegal fuel business was causing loss of hundreds of billions to the exchequer every year. The actual figures would be much more than what is being reported. The exercise was not arbitrary but based on the findings of a number of relevant agencies.

It was further stated that 4000 petrol pumps lacking proper documentation were identified as a result of preliminary investigation and data sharing. The owners of these petrol stations were being issued notices under relevant rules/ procedure. 1,100 stations which could not provide satisfactory documentation have been sealed so far. It was assured that no one would be unduly harassed, however, no one involved in the racket would be spared either. The PM referred to the mafia supporting and protecting this menace in Sindh and directed the relevant authorities to move on in a structured, just and firm manner.—MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN