KARACHI: Sindh government on Wednesday announced a set of new restrictions to halt the spread of the coronavirus amid the third Covid-19 wave.

According to a notification issued here on Wednesday, the provincial government imposed a complete ban on indoor/outdoor wedding ceremonies from April 6.

It ordered that “all kinds of gatherings (indoor/outdoor) will be banned with immediate effect.” “This will include all social, cultural, political, sports and other events,” the notification reads.

The notification reads that all markets, shopping malls and other businesses will work from 6am in the morning till 8pm.

The Sindh government also announced to shut all public parks, cinemas, shrines and imposed a ban on dine-in services at restaurants. Outdoor dining will be allowed till 10:00pm.

According to a notification issued in this regard, the following measures will be taken: Indoor dining will be prohibited; All sports/festivals will be totally banned; Shrines, cinemas, parks and music centres shut down; All indoor activities/marriages will be prohibited; Outdoor activities with a maximum of 300 people will be allowed till 8pm; 50 percent work from home policy declared necessary; Intercity public transport to operate at 50 percent of capacity; and the shops which are necessary will remain open for 24 hours.—NNI