ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government has reportedly earmarked Rs 182.4 billion for 92 hydropower and water projects in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2021-22, official sources told Business Recorder.

Out of this amount Rs 170 billion is allocation in the PSDP whereas Rs 12.4 billion will be foreign aid. An amount of Rs 174 billion is throw-away and to be available from July 1, 2021.

The projected funding for hydropower projects will be Rs 92 billion in PSDP 2021-22, of which rupee cover is Rs 11 billion which is a notational amount as most of the funding for these projects is arranged through international agencies and Wapda’s own equity raised through hydel tariff.

For Dasu run of the river project, an amount of Rs 56.5 billion has been earmarked, of which Rs 53.4 billion will be available in PSDP whereas Rs 3.15 billion is foreign aid. An amount of Rs 36 billion is throw forward to be available as on July 1, 2021.

Allocation for other hydropower projects in the PSDP is as follows: (i) Golan Gol Hydropower project, Rs 2.7 billion; (ii) Keyal Khawar Hydropower project, Rs 1.084 billion; (iii) Mangla Power Station, Rs 3.026 billion; (iv) Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project- Rs 14.160 billion; (v) Tarbela 5th Extension- Rs 8.159 billion; (vi) Tarbela 4th Extension 1.9 billion; (vii) Warsak Hydroelectric project - Rs 1.862 billion; (viii) Harpo HPP- Rs 1.960 billion and; (ix) Chitral Hydropower Station- Rs 119 million etc.

For water sector projects funding of Rs 90.3 billion will be available under PSDP, of which Rs 21 billion has been earmarked for Diamer Basha Project (Rs 15.5 billion for dam part and Rs 7 billion for land acquisition).

Allocation for key water sector projects is as follows; (i) construction of Sunni Gar Dam(SB) Rs 800 million; (ii) construction of Shenzek Dam Dashi (SB), Rs 400 million; (iii) construction of Hekanog Delay Action Dam - Rs 100 million; (iv) mapping of all water resources in Southern Balochistan, Rs 223.7 million; (v) Shahtung Nulla diversion, Skardu( feasibility) Rs 276.4 million; (vi) extension of Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD-II) from Sehwan to sea, Dadu and Thatha districts of Sindh, Rs 500 million; (vii) Katchi canal project (phase-I) Rs 2 billion; (viii) Kurram Tangi multipurpose dam, storage-1, Rs 3 billion; (ix) Mohmand multipurpose dam, Rs 5.5 billion; (x) Naulong storage dam project Jhal Magsi, Rs 1 billion; (xi) Nai Gaj Dam Project Dadu (Sindh), Rs 5 billion; (x) Rainy Canal, Rs 1.67 billion; (xi) remedial measures to control water logging in Muzaffargarh & TP link canal Kot Addu, Rs 875 million; (xii) construction of Winder Dam, Lasbella, Rs 3 billion; (xiii) Kachhi canal project (remaining work phase-1), Dera Bugti, Rs 2 billion; (xiv) construction of 100 dams in Balochistan, Rs 500 million; (xv) K-4 Greater water supply scheme, Rs 15 billion; (xvi) construction of Papin Dam, Rawalpindi, Rs 1.654 billion; (xvii) construction of Awaran Dam, Rs 1.5 billion; (xviii) construction of Panjgur storage dam, Rs 1.7 billion and; (xix) construction of Topak dam, Rs 500 million.