KARACHI: Vice President, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh on Saturday asked the opponents to stop doing dirty politics on balanced, pro-people and pro-growth budget.

Speaking to media persons during a press conference flanked with other PTI Members Provincial Assembly (MPAs) in the premises of Sindh Assembly, he said after a long time common people heaved a sigh of relief due to the balanced and pro-people budget presented by federal government.

He claimed that only those who only believed in the dirty politics of the confrontation and leg-pulling were opposing the financial documents.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan and his economic team have given great relief to farming communities, owners of small industrial units, jobless youths, salaried people, pensioners and people from all walks of the life under the given situations”, he said

The whole world was facing worst economic crisis due to COVID-19 and in these circumstance this budget is proof of people friendly policies of the incumbent government, he remarked.

“We are all pleased to have such a budget and so are the people of the country and we are all thankful to our captain” he added and asked the opponents to stop doing dirty politics on the sincere efforts of PM Imran Khan and his team members to steer the country out of the crisis.

He said by allocating Rs 260 billion for the people of the country under

Ehsaas Kifalat Program and the hefty package to jobless youths, who could now obtain interest-free loans up to Rs 0.5 million for the business activities, were steps towards bringing the country on the path to prosperity and progress.

Adil observed that 14 percent increase in the exports and drastic decrease in the current deficit account were among the few other great hall marks of the PTI government.

“The third budget for FY 2021-22 to the tune of Rs 8.5 trillion, setting up an economic growth rate target of 4.8 percent,” he added and said budget could be termed as winning leap, since it promised growth for businesses and industry, and upliftment of the poor, as the development spending had been raised by more than 40 per cent to the tune of Rs 2.135 trillion.

“The budget promises inclusive and sustainable economic growth by prioritizing

pro-poor initiatives and social safety net through the Ehsaas Programme’s vertical and horizontal expansion; Reduction in inflation and price control and monitoring; Increased development spending for more job creation,” he stated.

He added, “PM’s initiatives including Kamyab Jawan and Kissan Programmes; Impact mitigation of Covid-19, and the continuation of the Stimulus Package; circular debt financing and power subsidies; Revenue mobilization without new taxes”, were also the great initiatives of the government.

He said the support of the housing sector and the construction industry through Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and SME support programs, facilitating expatriates remittances and savings through Roshan Digital Account, Pakistan Remittances Initiatives and other schemes’ also spoke volumes of the leadership of PTI government.

Sheikh thanked the Prime Minister Khan and said that he had won the hearts of the people by announcing relief to them. “Pakistan has been put on the right track,” he remarked.—APP