ISLAMABAD: Minister for Energy, Hammad Azhar Monday said that forced loadshedding of electricity has been eliminated from Friday last (July 2, 2021).

In a tweet, he said supply of gas to all the sectors along with pressure is also being restored from Monday whereas supply of RLNG has been restored 100 per cent.

Informed sources told Business Recorder that power generation on Monday was more than the requirement of power Distribution Companies (Discos) across the country.

Power generation was recorded at 23,000 MW, whereas demand was around 20,000 MW which implies that 3000 MW was available over and above demands of Discos.

The sources said with the supply of required gas and RLNG, power generation from expensive fuels like furnace oil and High Speed Diesel (HSD) has been done away with and now power is being generated from those plants which are on top in economic merit order.

According to sources, generation from Tarbela has improved to some extent due to increase in water flows from hilly areas but is still far less than its optimum capacity. Discos, however, are implementing scheduled revenue-based load shedding as per the policy, approved by the federal government.

The sources said, scheduled load shedding on dozens of feeders in Pesco, Hesco, Sepco, Qesco and Mepco is being done due to high losses. In addition, few Discos are unable to take allocated quotas due to system constraints.

Meanwhile, Irsa has convened an emergent meeting of Advisory Committee on July 8, 2021 to discuss prevailing water situation and Wapda’s constraints with respect to Tarbela dam. The meeting will discuss other issues, if raised during the meeting.—MUSHTAQ GHUMAN