KARACHI: Sindh Bureau of Statistics (SBoS) has devised “Data Dissemination Policy” to achieve the objective of timely delivery of statistical products and maximum utilization of SBoS information.

It has been formulated to respond to the needs of users when developing and disseminating information and increased access to information through the widest possible dissemination.

It will also provide maximum access to information of a wide range of interest, free of charge.

According to scope of the policy, it specifies the mechanism for obtaining statistical products and the principles for the dissemination and distribution of official statistical data.

It is expected that this policy will guide users and providers of statistical data and information to understand how the Sindh Bureau of Statistics handles the dissemination mechanism

The Policy covers micro-data and its outputs generated at the level of unit observation through surveys and censuses, mainly at the household and individual levels and macro data and its outputs, which includes all existing information collected and aggregated from households, companies/institutions.

Besides, administrative data, which includes data collected by public agencies in the process of providing service to the public and all GIS products, which includes maps and shape-file data.