HYDERABAD: President Chambers of Commerce and Industry Hyderabad Mohammad Faizan Elahi, Senior Vice President Arif Madani and Vice president Danish Qureshi jointly presided over a meeting with small industrialists of Hyderabad at Conference room at chambers of Commerce today.

They discussed the issues of gas shortage in small industries and said that it is the issue of thousands of families whose livelihood depends on the factories so if the bangles factories would be closed due to gas shortage the labourers would be suffered.

The industrialist has made charter of demands to government and they said that Sindh is the largest gas producing province so why government close the supply of gas to Sindh as the Federal Government has collected huge revenue from Sindh so Sindh has the right of gas more than other provinces.

They further said that if government is closing the gas supply they must issue letters to give industries immunity from all taxes and they also support the labourers’ families. They further demanded that if government would not continue the supply of gas the factories owners and labourers would protest over the matter.

They further said that in this regard a delegation of chambers would meet with the SSGC to discuss the matter and others chambers of Sindh would also join the protest.

The business community demanded from government of Sindh that why Sindh government is silent on issue, Sindh Government should raise the issue with federal government and support the business community.

The meeting was attended by the small industrialist of Hyderabad and discussed the issue in detail.