LAHORE: The Board of Directors of Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, has approved the Strategic Roadmap 2022 to develop an investment environment that encourages both domestic and foreign investment in the country.

The action plan has set main objectives for PBIT, which are: (i) to attract FDI (ii) to support existing investors with expansion potential (iii) to coordinate and assist for a better business ecosystem (iv) to establish effective and efficient Operational Support System and (v) to promote investment in the province through inclusive marketing and events.

The Board of Directors established European Desk, North America Desk, China and South East Desk, Middle East Desk and Central and South Asia Desk for the facilitation of potential investors from these regions and to present Punjab as the most lucrative destination for investment.

Chairman BoD Fazeel Asif Jah said that Punjab’s apex investment promotion agency is playing a focal role in facilitating fast-track investment support services for new as well as existing investors of local and foreign sources.