ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Television (PTV) anchor Ahmed Quraishi has been sacked from the state television channel after backlash over his recent visit to Israel as part of an interfaith peace delegation.

The delegation also met with the Israeli president during their visit.

Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb Monday confirmed that the television anchor had been laid off and reaffirmed her government’s policy on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Marriyum pointed out that the Foreign Office has made it clear that no delegation from Pakistan has visited Israel, adding that the anchor went on the tour in personal capacity.

The Information Minister said that there was no change in the country’s policy on Palestine.

“The state’s position on the Palestine issue is clear and there will be no policy in contradiction with the people’s wishes and aspirations,” she added.

Marriyum further said that Pakistan was committed to the traditional and principled position on

the Palestine and Israel issue.

“The world considers a two-state solution as the guarantor of lasting peace in the region,” she said, adding that the solution to Palestine and Kashmir issues is the responsibility of the international community.

“Lasting peace will remain a dream till a just solution to both the issues. We will continue to support the struggle of Palestinians and Kashmiris for their self-determination,” Marriyum said.—NNI