The woes of global economy

“So the Russian adventure in Ukraine has effectively destabilised the global economy.”

“Well yes, in a way and Biden’s moral stance has led many countries, including his own, towards a recession and…”

“Biden has a moral foreign policy with respect to Russia but not with respect to Israeli attacks on…”

“And that is the way the cookie crumbles in foreign policy – to change that trend requires a non-status quo president…”

“Wasn’t Trump a non-status quo…”

“Yes, but his son in law, married to his favourite child, was Jewish and a great supporter of the state of Israel and let’s be honest he changed the Middle Easter dynamics by facilitating Israeli treaties with some Muslim countries and…”

“Hmm, but a non-status quo head of state doesn’t not follow the rules, written or unwritten…”

“Need I add good or bad!”

“OK go ahead add that and that’s all I am going to say very obliquely about Pakistan’s non-status quo former prime minister…”

“A prime minister who followed the status quo rules to the letter T as long as he had the unqualified support…”

“Right, but all the dirt being thrown at him, do you think any of it has stuck?”

“The Khan has considerable public support – now whether that support will win him seats in the Punjab bye elections remains to be seen.”

“I think not!”

“That makes me think he is right when he claims pre-poll rigging and…”

“No I meant it does not remain to be seen because contrary to his previous practice The Khan has covered both bases — if he wins then nah nah nah pooh pooh to the establishment, the ECP, the corrupt Sharifs, Maulana Diesel, Zardari the biggest bemari, the court decisions that do not support his narrative…”

“And if he loses?”

“If he loses Mr X and Mr Y…”

“Hey why is he using English terms there? I mean why not Mr Ain (the 24th Urdu alphabet).”

“Would that be Mr X or Mr Y?”

“Neither — Mr Ains are only found in The Khan’s party — these two would be Mr Sheen (19th letter of the Urdu alphabet) and immediately preceding it Mr Seen…”

“Ha ha, indeed.”