ISLAMABAD: The coronavirus hospitalization rate has witnessed a three-fold increase over the past one month in Pakistan as the Covid-19 critical cases’ tally jumped up from 57 on June 20th to 174 on July 20, 2022, an analysis of the Covid-19-related data of the National Health Institute (NIH) revealed.

According to the NIH, on June 20th nationwide a total of 171 cases were detected at a positivity ratio of 1.53 percent which, since then, is continuously going up and at present, stands at 2.8 percent as within the past 24 hours, countrywide 592 new Covid-19 cases were reported after 21,264 Covid-19 tests were conducted.

During the past one month, the national and provincial health authorities have registered a total of 69 Covid-19 deaths, of which, seven deaths were reported in the past 24 hours, taking the nationwide Covid-19 death tally to 30,452 since the pandemic outbreak. Since June 20, 2022, the country has reported a total of 15,965 coronavirus cases, reflecting 532.2 cases per day as during this period the total cases jumped up from 1,531,830 to 1,547,795.

Over the period, the active cases’ tally has also witnessed an almost three-fold increase as it jumped up from 3,369 on June 20th to 9,673 on July 20th.