Suspended clearing agents can file appeals before DGTT: FBR


ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has allowed suspended clearing agents of the bonded carriers to file appeals before the Director General Transit Trade, Karachi within 60 days.

The FBR has issued SRO1497(I)/2022, here on Tuesday to amend the Customs Rules, 2001.

The revised rules stated that in case the clearing agent licence of the bonded carrier issued under Chapter VIII of the Customs Rules, 2001 is suspended or revoked by the respective licensing authority, the licence to operate as bonded carrier shall also stand suspended or revoked and vice versa. The appeal against an order passed may be filed before the Director General Transit Trade, Karachi, within 60 days of passing of such decision or order.

On qualifying the criteria, licence shall be issued to the transport operator by the respective Director of Transit Trade in whose jurisdiction the business address of the applicant is located for a period of two years on the recommendation of a committee comprising the respective Director of Transit Trade, Collector of Customs Enforcement and Director, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Customs of the jurisdiction, after seeking approval of the Director General of Transit Trade.

The licensing authority shall issue an approval letter for the issuance of licence subject to the laid down conditions.

The licensing authority may revoke or suspend a licence or permission of any transport operator for one or more than one of following reasons: The licensee has made or cause to be made in any application for any licence or permission under this chapter, or report filed with the customs, any statement which was, at the time and in light of the circumstances under which it was made, false or misleading with respect to any material fact, or has omitted to state in any such application or report; or the licensee has been convicted at any time for larceny, theft, robbery, extortion, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud, concealment, embezzlement, fraudulent conversion, or misappropriation of funds; or the licensee is involved in any manner, including but not limited to, abetting, facilitating, substitution or replacement, removal, pilferage, tampering with transport units or seals etc of en route transshipment or transit cargo; or the licensee has knowingly employed, or continues to employ, any individual who has been convicted of any offence or the licensee, in the course of its customs business, with intent to defraud, has in any manner, willfully and knowingly deceived, misled or threatened any client or prospective client, the FBR’s amended rules added.