ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has barred Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) from shutting down in December 2022 to meet diesel requirements in the winter months, official sources told Business Recorder. Sharing the details, sources said, in order to review the supplies position in the country a review meeting was held with all refineries/ Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) on November 28, 2022. The PRL representative while informing on issues relating to Letters of Credit (LCs) confirmation stated that refinery might be shut down in December, 2022 for the scheduled regeneration purpose. In this regard, the Ogra invited attention of managing director PRL towards Ogra’s letter of November 24, 2022, advising to postpone/reschedule proposed shutdown till February 2023.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, in its letter has now directed PRL to strictly adhere to the previous directives and abstain from shutdown till February, 2023 in the best national interest. The Ogra has also given reference of PRL’s letter of October 13, 2022, and noted that the request of PRL for temporary shutdown has been examined by the Ogra’s Oil Supply Chain Department viz current demand-supply trend of POL products, adding that keeping in view the high demand of diesel in winter season and significant contribution of PRL therein, PRL was requested to reassess its technical and HSE issue and reschedule the proposed shutdown to 1st half of February 2023. —MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN